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Home Care

Health care at home

More and more people are taking care of themselves at home, using therapies that used to include intensive hospital stays. We can coordinate your medical care as soon as you are discharged from the hospital.

New freedom

Medical care at home: a faster recovery?

Treating people at home in their living rooms, instead of at the hospital, is an approach that can improve quality of life for many patients.   

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Focusing on your needs

Regaining independence with Home Care 

Home Care offers patients the possibility to regain independence and to return to a more normal life. We have collected some stories to help you discover your options with Home Care.

Choosing your way to live

Marek Lichota, a Polish patient living with short bowel syndrome, tells his story about home parenteral nutrition to explain how he rediscovered his "appetite for life" and made these three words his new life motto.

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Traveling despite parenteral nutrition

It's no surprise that many patients are still scared to be away from their homes, but more and more of them are daring to meet the challenges that come along with traveling.

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