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Customized Kits

Help increase safety and efficiency by standardizing processes with customized kits

As patient care in hospitals and outpatient areas is becoming increasingly complex, B. Braun offers integrated procedure kits tailored to your specific needs. With customized kits, B. Braun offers a holistic consulting concept together with the implementation of standardized processes and coordinated procedure sets. Our approach is to reduce inefficiency, save time, reduce mistakes, and increase safety and quality.

  • up to


    Of each angiography is spent on preparing the procedure [1]

  • 0min

    Required for preparing all sets for one surgery without standardization [2]

  • 0%

    Fewer major technical mistakes were made by the kit group compared to the standard group [3]

A nurse unpacks a ProSet from the sterile packaging
Contents of the interventional diagnostics and vascular therapy kits
Sterile packaging with different surgical sutures


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