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Chronic Kidney Disease

Learning to live with renal failure

When confronted with the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease and the need for dialysis, you are faced with numerous questions and life-changing challenges. Modern medicine and the wide range of options for advice and support will enable you to become more secure in your everyday life.

Diagnosis: chronic kidney disease

Suddenly everything is different

Hearing the phrase "you have renal failure" can be a confusing and frightening moment. These feelings are not unusual, and it is normal that a lot of questions arise. This page offers answers.

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We support you in coping with life

Take an active role in your treatment

When you need dialysis, the biggest change in your life is the amount of time you need to arrange for dialysis sessions and regular doctor visits. Thanks to modern medicine and dialysis methods, it can now be easier for you to maintain more personal freedom in your everyday life.

Find a renal care center

With our passion for patient care we offer dialysis treatment in renal care centers around the world.

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Consider dialysis treatment at home

Adapt your dialysis therapy to your individual needs and experience more flexibility and self-determination by performing your dialysis treatments at home. 

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The quality of everyday life

What does quality of life mean to you? There are many aspects to consider. Look at the different areas of your life and evaluate what is important to you.

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Holiday dialysis: plan your travels well

Traveling with dialysis means more planning than usual, you need seamless therapy and suitable health conditions.

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