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Information for suppliers

SAP Ariba

Together with SAP Ariba, we provide an online platform for the procurement of indirect goods and services. Please note that the following sections will provide information only in regard to Ariba Buying and not Ariba Invoicing or Ariba Sourcing.


For country specific information, please choose a country: Germany, France, Malaysia, Spain, Italy.

Advantages of the Ariba Network

Joining the Ariba Network provides numerous advantages for all participants, which increases efficiency across all possible processes.

Besides the mentioned short-term advantages, such as digitalization, automatization and an increase in transparency, Ariba also provides a number of long-term advantages.


Standard account vs Enterprise account

Depending on your business relationship, you may require an Enterprise or a Standard  Account. In the following, the most essential differences between these two account types are listed that will affect our business relationship in the future.

Topic Standard Account Enterprise Account
Purchase Order Orders via interactive e-mail (only one recipient e-mail address possible) Orders via interactive e-mail (multiple recipient e-mail addresses possible)
Simple conversion of order requests into orders Simple conversion of order requests into orders
ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice)
  Receive information on orders directly in your order system (full integration)
  In-box access on the Ariba Network
SAP Ariba Support Online Help Center (only for technical questions) Online Help Center
Online Community Online Community
  Offline Support via phone, chat, E-Mail
  Direct contact and support from onboarding experts
  Technical support for account configuration and integration
  Online training courses
Integration  No integration possible cXML, EDI, Fax, CSV (these formats will be available in the future: PDF, E-Mail or Upload)
Reporting No reporting possible Reporting is possible
Catalogs  Catalogs cannot be uploaded Upload catalogs (in BMECat, CIF, cXML, Excel)
Fees Free of charge SAP Ariba Network Fees
Mobile App Included (currently usable without restrictions) Included

Below we have assembled a few documents which will provide further information and ease the introduction to the Ariba Network for you.

Further Information

Standart account - video


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Mock-up standart account


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The transition process

In the following section, you will find the process for the Standard and Enterprise Account. Depending on the required account type, different steps are necessary.



Standard Account

As long as you do not wish to provide catalogs and your estimated document count per year does not exceed 75 documents, a Standard Account may be more beneficial for you. Furthermore, a Standard  Account provides limited functionality compared to an Enterprise Account. For example, the orders of a Standard Account user are stored for a limited period of time.

Enterprise Account

An Enterprise Account is required if you wish to provide catalogs. In case you do not wish to make use of this functionality, an Enterprise Account is still recommended if your estimated document count per year exceeds 75 documents.

If you require an Enterprise Account due to your business relationship, the following steps are necessary to connect to the Network.

Cost structure Enterprise Account

The costs for Ariba consist of transaction and subscription fees. Subscription fees are fixed costs that are determined by the annual document volume. Documents such as orders and invoices are counted towards this volume. Order confirmations and shipping notifications, on the other hand, do not affect the annual document volume. Transaction fees are determined via a fixed rate on the annual transaction value. These fees are capped at 17,300EUR (20,000 USD) per year and business relationship.

Fee Schedule in Euro

Fee Schedule in US Dollars 

For further information concerning fees in other currencies, please refer to the provided document below.

Related Documents

Ariba Network: Supplier Fee Schedule

pdf, 3.0 MB

download Download

The ordering process

The transition to Ariba comes with changes to the ordering process. Detailed information on the process of future transactions is depicted in the diagram below. The payment process will migrate to Ariba in Germany in the future. Therefore, the current payment process will remain unchanged.

Further information

Ariba Support Hotline Germany: 0800 101 1989
Ariba Network Website
Ariba Network Cost Model
Ariba Network Terms and Conditions

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