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Facts & Figures

We drive advancements in health care

As one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, B. Braun aims to protect and improve the health of people around the world. For more than 180 years, we have shaped health care with our pioneering spirit and groundbreaking contributions.

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    More than 63,000 employees work for the B. Braun Group worldwide.

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    B. Braun has more than 300 subsidiaries in 64 countries.

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    The B. Braun portfolio includes 5,000 health care products.

The B. Braun logo on a building's facade - a symbol of quality and innovation in healthcare.
Pharmaceutical representative talking with doctor sitting on couch. African mature practitioner discussing results of the analysis with specialist while consulting diagnosis on digital tablet. Doctor in conversation with medical advisor in hospital room discussing patients report case.
B. Braun visitor center building featuring a B. Braun big logo, radiating a sense of hospitality and openness to all who approach.
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