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Live your life with your stoma​

Whether you have already undergone stoma surgery or whether you are about to, we are sure that you have many questions. B. Braun wants to help you manage your individual needs and enable you to live the way you want to.​

A man sits smiling on a boat, in the background are houses
In the right background is a doctor gesticulating with her hands and in the foreground is a man listening to her
Man with bare upper body in private bathroom manipulates stoma bag on his stomach. Male nurse sits on the edge of the bathtub and gives instructions.
A man with a teapot and a woman with a magazine sit on a sofa and laugh
Two hands holding a stoma bag with a convex shaped wafer

Do you fight with stoma leakage and skin problems?

A stoma bag with a convex-shaped wafer which curves into the peristomal skin might be an alternative for you.

We help you to choose your stoma bag