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B. Braun Product Security

B. Braun ensures high security standards

B. Braun ensures high security standards throughout the product life cycle by using globally accepted standards. We have established processes to monitor the latest vulnerabilities, threats, or risks and will proactively implement measures as required. We have developed processes to reflect our corporate values and to uphold our responsibilities both legal and to good-faith security researchers that provide us with their expertise.

Coordinated vulnerability disclosure program

B. Braun vulnerability disclosure statements 


We welcome vulnerability reports from researchers, industry groups, CERTs,

partners, and any other source and will give full credit on our website once the

submission has been accepted, validated and published by our product security


Questions or concerns about security?

If you believe you have identified a potential security vulnerability in one of our products or services, please follow the coordinated disclosure process and fill out the form.

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B. Braun Security Bulletins

B. Braun Product Security Bulletins contains of product-specific vulnerability updates and security-related information. Our bulletins will list all known vulnerabilities for each product, the status and all recommended customer actions such as fixes or patches or other mitigation strategies. Revised bulletins are posted regularly with the latest available information.