Vendor Invoices

Vendor invoices to B. Braun via e-mail - Information to our suppliers and service providers

With approval from the invoice recipient, transmitting invoices electronically is practicable in most EU countries, for example in accordance with German Law (§ 14 par. 1 associated with par. 3 UStG) from July 1st, 2011.

The simplified handling of invoice processing according to the revised standards is the result of a European Union guideline. The legislature stated specifically that the electronic invoicing is seen as legally equal with invoice transmission on paper, because a certified electronic signature is not required in either case.

Electronically transmitted invoices ensure efficient invoice processing and saves resources. B. Braun has converted a large part of its IT systems to enable the receipt of invoices by e-mail in a PDF file.
In order to legally create the possibility of electronic invoice transmissions for suppliers and service providers, B. Braun offers an agreement. This agreement enables invoicing to subsidiary companies and defines the form of the transmission by e-mail. We are convinced that if invoicing is simplified, it unlocks potential on both sides and promotes good cooperation between business partners.

Register now for e-mail invoice transmission

To enable proper processing of your invoices we require you to ensure some points when sending your invoices to us. Please obey our technical and legal requirements which are as follows:

  • One e-mail without text content that must be processed per invoice.
  • One single PDF document which includes all information and attachments on the invoice.
  • The invoice will be dispatched to our mailbox
  • Any information outside the file attachment e.g. in header or text of the mail will not be processed.

Please register by sending a short e-mail to our clerk which processes your invoice or directly to our SSC-Accounts Payable Team.
This registration mail must contain the following please: 

  • The confirmation, that your company will send invoice documents as per our requirements given in above bullet points.
  • An e-mail address to which we shall send our payment advices to inform you when multiple payments are done in one payment process.

For any questions, please contact our team directly.

B. Braun subsidiaries where invoicing via e-mail is possible

The technical infrastructure which enables vendors to invoice via e-mail (E-Invoicing) is currently rolled-out in many of our subsidiary companies. The current overview of the companies, where invoicing via e-mail is already possible, can be found here.