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Hydrocephalus turns your life upside down. We offer you support.

Hydrocephalus is a complex disease that turns patients' lives upside down. We strive to understand not only the significant challenges faced by the surgeon but also the serious needs of the hydrocephalus patient.

With this understanding, we strive to provide the best possible implants that help improve the patient's quality of life.

We understand​

The gravity of the situation

Your life is upside down, but you’re not alone. You can rely on our knowledge, understanding and support. For you we will change our perspective and don't remain with the usual. We understand shunt technology and together we create new innovations for the best of the patients.

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Focusing on your needs

Coping with hydrocephalus 

We provide information to help you better understand your hydrocephalus and to cope with it in your everyday life.

Hydrocephalus & me

Living with hydrocephalus

Heinz, Madita, Sarah and Julia explain what it’s like to live with hydrocephalus and how to deal with occasionally severe symptoms of overdrainage, such as headaches, nausea, vomiting and gait disturbances.

Patient Stories
What is hydrocephalus?

Understanding hydrocephalus

We are here for you. We want to help you better understand hydrocephalus so you can live your everyday life better. This section provides you with helpful information.

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Treating hydrocephalus

The diagnosis of hydrocephalus often leads to the implantation of a shunt system. But what is a shunt, what can it do and what role does gravity play here?

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iTunes & Google Play

Hydrocephalus diary app

The HC&ME App is a digital hydrocephalus diary that allows you to comprehensively document your life with hydrocephalus, and everyday life with a shunt.

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Adjustable gravitational valve​

MIETHKE®® focuses on the patient's active time. With its adjustable gravitational unit and a wide adjustment range, the valve can be adapted to the individual requirements for life with hydrocephalus: mobility, growth and changes in the course of the disease.


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