Milestones in
clinical nutrition

B. Braun defines parenteral nutrition therapy

Medical nutrition therapy has only been possible since the 1960s. Before, survival was impossible for patients who could not ingest nutrients in the normal manner. Amino acids, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements – these substances are essential for human survival. But how could they be administered to people parenterally, i.e., intravenously, without passing through the digestive system first? This was insurmountable for many years, especially the delivery of fats. 

Innovative scientific ideas bear fruit: In 1962, B. Braun brought Lipofundin on the market, the first infusible lipid emulsion developed in Germany. It was followed by high-concentration amino acid solutions and combined solutions for needs-based nutrition therapy. The Nutriflex multi chamber bag system – patient-friendly complete solutions in a bag – has been part of the B. Braun product range since the 1990s. B. Braun now also offers a comprehensive range of products for enteral nutrition.

A system approach integrating products and services enables us to collaborate with partners and customers to provide solutions for patients with a wide variety of clinical symptoms. B. Braun always strives to provide the best possible nutrition solution for people who are partly or wholly unable to ingest nutrients via their digestive system, in cases of critical or chronic illness.