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Human Rights

A holistic approach to corporate sustainability

We at B. Braun approach business sustainability holistically. In particular, comprehensively respecting and ensuring compliance with human rights is a key concern in a globalized world with complex supply and goods flows. At B. Braun, we are committed to complying with our human rights' due diligence obligations along our entire value chain through our Code of Conduct.

Compliance with our corporate due diligence obligations for the prevention of Human Rights violations in supply chains

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  • Grundsatzerklärung der B. Braun SE zu menschenrechts- und umweltbezogenen Sorgfaltspflichten 2023

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  • Policy Statement of B. Braun SE on Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence Obligations 2023

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  • Declaración de principios de B. Braun SE sobre la diligencia debida en materia de derechos humanos y medioambiente 2023

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  • Déclaration de principe de B. Braun SE sur le devoir de diligence en matière de droits humains et d'environnement 2023

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  • Kenyataan dasar B. Braun SE mengenai usaha wajar hak asasi manusia dan alam sekitar 2023

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  • 贝朗公司(B. Braun SE )关于人权和环境尽职调查义务的政策声明 2023 年

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  • Rules of procedure for filing complaints under the supply chain act

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  • Verfahrensordnung für das Beschwerdeverfahren nach dem Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz

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  • NORMAS DE PROCEDIMIENTO Para el procedimiento de denuncia

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  • REGLES DE PROCEDURE pour la procédure de gestion des plaintes

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  • PERATURAN PROSEDUR bagi prosedur aduan di bawah Akta Usaha Wajar Rantaian Bekalan

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  • 程序规定 《供应链尽职调查法》规定的申诉程序

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The protection of the personal data of our customers is very important to us and we take it very seriously. Your personal data is subject to data protection and will only be collected and stored for approach reasons. Under no circumstances will we pass on your personal data to third parties outside of the B. Braun group or use or store them for any other purposes. Our staff has been trained to handle personal data and is obliged to comply with the data protection regulations.


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