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We are contributing to a cultural change

Since 2018, our volunteer network 4Diversity has been calling for and promoting an appreciative, inclusive and equal working environment for all B. Braun employees worldwide, based on their individual and collective diversity. With the help of our global 4Diversity Ambassadors, we are contributing to an cultural change and raise awareness for diversity and equal opportunities. 

A growing Team

Our global and local networks are the steering wheels and multipliers with cross-border initiatives in- and outside of B. Braun. This is how our Ambassadors from all over the world respresent their locations and bring different perspectives to the group.


Matthias Bantle

Global Lead 4Diversity

"We aim to empower more Diversity ambassadors around the globe to drive Diversity self-organized and sustainably in our diverse cultural context. By doing so, we embrace visibility, give voice to people who haven't been heard yet, and make Diversity tangible to everyone. For 4Diverstiy it's essential to create a culture of appreciation and inclusion, not only in the workplace, but also in the society we live in."


Global projects & initiatives

Diversity Week

Every year we organize a week full of presentations, workshops and conversations on various diversity topics. 

"Sharing Perspectives"

With the goal of sharing perspectives, the program enables employees from all over the world to exchange ideas and best practices. 

Collaboration with the University of Jena

With a student group, we build a bridge between theory and practice to develop new approaches.

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