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My B. Braun FAQ

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In this FAQ section you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions and troubleshooting tips.


In the corporate philosophy "Sharing Expertise" is a promise from B. Braun to customers and colleagues to share medical knowledge and expertise for the benefit of health worldwide.
Inspired of this My B. Braun is a secured platform for sharing information with our business partners.

My B. Braun is your personalized area within the B. Braun website. As a registered user you can make use of many additional functions and information which make your web surfing experience safe and enjoyable. With My B. Braun you can manage your personal data in a comfortable way and you have access to various applications.

The provider of My B. Braun is B. Braun Melsungen AG, located in Melsungen, Germany.

Target groups are customers, suppliers, technicians, medical users and business partners.

B. Braun Melsungen AG
Corporate Communications
Todi Allee
34212 Melsungen (Germany)


My B. Braun Service German office times
Monday to Friday

You just need to write an email to our service team via After deletion of the account, you will get a confirmation with separate mail.


The username for starting My B. Braun is your access to tailored information, documents and applications. With entering the username in combination with your personal password on the log in screen we are able to verify your account and accesses.


You are a customer, business partner or medical professional using our products?

Your username is your email address.


You are a B. Braun employee?
Kindly use your regular login credentials which already allows you access to our internal company network.

Registration & Login

Registration to My B. Braun is restricted to persons acting in pursuance of a trade, being self-employed or employed with either of these occupational groups within medical business.


Users are requested to authenticate themselves with a user name and a password which they enter on registration.

No - the usage of My B. Braun is free of charge.

For registration you only need a few minutes.


1. Click the "Register" button in the My B. Braun flyout menu on top of the website.

2. On the following page you are requested to fill in your personal data.

3. In addition you need to accept the terms of use and data policy statements for finalizing your registration process.

For registration we need several fundamental information which are marked as mandatory fields within the registration template. By using these basic data My B. Braun verifies your account for offering specified services.

Mandatory fields are:

- First name, name

- e-mail address

- Business address

You can directly type in your credentials in the login fields of the My B. Braun flyout menu (you can find the My B. Braun flyout menu in the grey meta navigation on top of the website). Another way to login to My B. Braun is to use the login and rregistration page (e.g. On the login page you are requested to fill in your username and personal password.

In case you forgot your personal password you just need to click on password reset on the flyout menu of My B. Braun (you can find the My B. Braun flyout menu in the grey meta navigation on top of the website).

On the following page you are requested to fill in your username (your e-mail address) and activate the password reset process.

After that you receive a separate e-mail and you are asked to set your new password by clicking the password reset link.

Personal data

The protection and the responsible use of your personal information are our highest priority.

If you are logged in, you can edit your profile right above under "My Profile".

For being able to change your password, please login first and choose "My Profile".

Information for B. Braun employees

For employees of the entire B. Braun group there is a modified registration process installed for full access to My B. Braun.


You are an employee? Please note the following information:


Because of your access to the companies networks you already have a B. Braun related username which you use for daily business.

This username and password (Windows credentials) is also valid for the registration and enrollment into My B. Braun and as employee you have an extended internal view of the services that we offer to our business partners in terms of Sharing Expertise.

In addition there are information in My B. Braun that only you can see as an employee, even if you sign up outside of the B. Braun network via the internet.



Your question is not included?

Please address questions to our team via

Stay connected with My B. Braun

With your personalized account, your online experience will be easier, more comfortable and safe.

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