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HC&ME® App

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The HC&ME App is a digital hydrocephalus diary that allows you to comprehensively document your life with hydrocephalus and everyday life with a shunt.

HC&ME – diary & research project

Because: We just don't know enough yet.

HC&ME is above all a hydrocephalus diary and all the data in the diary is yours. Our vision is to develop technologies that can improve the quality of life of hydrocephalus patients worldwide. A diary also does this because it can expand one's own knowledge about individual hydrocephalus.

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The data will be evaluated and analyzed according to a properly defined study and the findings will finally be published. For a valid and meaningful result, many complete data sets are required: i.e. regularly maintained diary entries including some basic profile data over a sufficiently long period of at least 13,200 users. The success of the research project therefore strongly depends on the willingness to participate and the well-managed diary entries. Due to the very different data protection laws worldwide, only HC&ME users from Europe can currently participate in the research project. We are working on expanding this.

We would be pleased if you would like to support us and agree to the use of your – securely encrypted and anonymous – data. But we also understand very well if you want to use your HC&ME App for private purposes only – in this case of course no data from the HC&ME App will be transferred.

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