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Male catheterization

By your side at all times

If you are a man with a urinary tract disorder who requires a urinary catheter, you will be looking for reliable, ready-to-use products that fully adapt to your daily activities. Our Actreen® Hi-Lite range is designed to make your life easier all round.

Cath or set
Catheter tips: Nelaton or Tiemann[1]
Catheter connectors and sizes

[1] Siracusano S., Ciciliato S., Ollandini G., Visalli F.: Catheters and Infections. In: Clinical Management of Complicated Urinary Tract Infection. 1. Ed. Nikibakhsh (Editor), IntechOpen; Sept 2011. p.83-98. ISBN 978-953-307-393-4. DOI 10.5772/894. EBOOK (PDF) ISBN 978-953-51-6472-2