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Personalized patient school – Just easy

The ForPatientApp is your personal digital assistant, helping you every step of the way on your healthcare journey. It begins with preparing for your procedure and continues to support you during your recovery.

Tailored patient pathway

Your health and rehabilitation in the center

The ForPatientApp's content is personalized to your individual healthcare journey by your healthcare team. You will receive specific information through the app at the appropriate stages of your treatment, in an organized manner. You will be gradually prepared for your treatment and supported throughout your rehabilitation.

Mobile device with the ForPatientApp screen


Stay on track

The ForPatientApp consists of two components – the patient application for mobile phones or tablets and the dashboard for healthcare professionals. Your healthcare team has access to information about your treatment phase and health status through the dashboard. They can track the responses to your questionnaires on the dashboard and will remain in touch with you throughout your rehabilitation process.

Desktop monitor and a mobile device with ForPatientApp screens

Get the ForPatientApp

Easy access to the app via your hospital

Please be aware that the app is exclusively accessible in specific hospitals. Ask your hospital. You must obtain a registration code from your hospital to utilize the app. Depending on your mobile device, please install the application from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once the hsopital registers you through the dashboard, you will receive the registration code via email. After successfully registering and logging in, your pathway will begin, allowing you to harness the full capabilities of the ForPatientApp.

ForPatientApp registration tutorial

Registration guide and short introduction to the application.