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Success Story Fleet Care

Hospital Šumperk – 20th February, 2020

Complete renewal of surgical instrument fleet: the first Fleet Care customer in the Czech Republic.

Doctors of the Šumperk Hospital are performing surgeries with new surgical instruments

“We are the first hospital in the country to go for the holistic Fleet Care program including surgical instruments. There are several reasons: From the OPTIMIZATION of the instrument sets and its AESCULAP QUALITY, over significant FINANCIAL SAVINGS (≈ 30 %) up to ORIGINAL AESCULAP MANUFACTURER REPAIRS, which are also part of the Fleet Care program. Our surgeons will continuously have access to instruments in a condition adequate to their precise and delicate work.”

Says JUDr. Martin Polach, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Šumperk Hospital

“Moreover, by having less instruments, our operating costs could be reduced significantly.”

Says JUDr. Martin Polach, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Šumperk Hospital
CSSD employees managing surgical instruments in the CSSD

“When the number or composition of surgical interventions changes, the hospital will have the possibility to adapt the instrument fleet accordingly. It is clearly a change of mind. The hospital does not only benefit from our Aesculap Quality instruments, with more than 150 years of experience in field of manufacturing surgical instruments, but also from the long-term partnerships. Lots of other value added services tailored to the needs of the hospital are part of Fleet Care, such as Original Aesculap Manufacturer Repairs, professional staff training and process consulting.”

Says MUDr. Alan Munteanu, Member of the B. Braun Group Management

“It turned out that a number of surgical instruments were already subject to wear. It is clear that if you operate the instruments daily for many years, exposing them to a demanding sterilization process, they might fulfill their function, but their condition can be improvable. It is similar to gardening tools: With old pruning shears, you will also cut what you need, but sometimes you have to cut several times and exert more force compared to new ones.”

Explains Ing. Matěj Šťastný, Biomedical Engineer of Šumperk Hospital


Comments MUDr. Zdeněk Štěpán, Manager of Operations and the former Head of Orthopedics
Sterile containers in the CSSD

“I'm glad our doctors and nurses accepted the idea that it is more efficient not to have one huge set for all cases in the hospital, but rather dividing and combining it in a meaningful manner and subsequently defining supplement sets containing specialized instruments for specialized surgeries.”

Adds Ing. Matěj Šťastný, Biomedical Engineer of Šumperk Hospital

“This will simplify the situation for the operating room staff and relieve the central sterilization staff as they will not have to sterilize as many surgical instruments on a daily basis.”

Adds Ing. Matěj Šťastný, Biomedical Engineer of Šumperk Hospital
Ing. Matěj Šťastný, Biomedical Engineer of Šumperk Hospital
CSSD employee managing surgical instruments with the backup stock management app

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First Fleet Care in Czech Republic, Šumperk Hospital.

More details about the Šumperk Hospital

The owner of the Šumperk Hospital changed five years ago. MUDr. Martin Polach is investing a lot in the development of the hospital and in the purchase of new equipment technology. The hospital opened new workplaces, built a new super aseptic operating theater and invested in insulating. In 2017, the owner of the hospital built a new modern radio diagnostic area, and newly launched the operation of magnetic resonance imaging. It was a large investment, which costed more than 160 million CZK (approx. 6.111.125 Euro). The largest investment in the history of the hospital, which costed 220 million CZK (approx. 8.403.000 Euro), is the opening of a long-term intensive and subsequent nursing care ward, which will result from the reconstruction of the “old surgery building” and open this summer.

Fleet Care

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