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Let TOM rock your CSSD!

TOM is our all digital Tray Organizing Manager – an easy to install app-based platform solution designed to optimize the processes of any CSSD. 

We at B. Braun have significant understanding of hospital workflows and process management, recognizing current trends and market developments. Using these insights we develop solutions to help you to reduce costs and improve patient safety.

One of these solutions is TOM, providing key functionality for hospitals and outpatient clinics that do not yet have a digital instrument management system. With the tap of a finger, TOM handles all classic CSSD processes such as set packing, reporting of defective instruments, and checking on packed sets.

Digitalization – The Smart Way!

Change your Ways

TOM rocks… and helps you to rock your workplace

Kick your count sheets out and invite TOM in!
Say goodbye to piles of files and shelves full of set lists! Say hello to TOM, the modern digital tray organizing solution for your CSSD.
TOM, the tablet- and cloud-based application, assists in performing everyday processes such as packing, tracking, documenting and reporting – all of which are processes modern CSSDs have in common.

The aim of TOM is to deliver smartly presented data, when you need it, where you need it – always accessible, always updated, always transparent.

Get TOM and get rocking in your paperless CSSD!

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Your Digital Solution

TOM rocks… and helps you digitalize your CSSD

Today the global mega trend of digitalization is a driver of automation and efficiency. To keep with the beat, every medical institution needs to stay in sync with the data that it is using and producing.

TOM is our digital solution for you to take control and gain insights on your everyday-processes, as TOM is generating, collecting and analyzing data of all reprocessing activities in real-time.
For the first time you can truly tune into the mega trend of digitalization and have access to information on the utilization and capacity of your CSSD department in real-time. 

Let TOM rock your organization, bringing digital power to the CSSD!

Easy to Implement

TOM rocks… and helps you to bring your CSSD back on stage

Bring your CSSD up to speed with TOM, the new digital tray organizing manager. 

You can configure TOM the way you need it, orchestrating and administering your set list by a simple click of a mouse or flick of a finger. Each packing station is equipped with a tablet, granting instant and easy cloud-based access to the latest set lists, instrument pictures, handling, cleaning and assembly instructions.

It´s simple – no software needs to be installed.

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