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      Continence Care and Urology

      Urinary catheter and bag portfolio

      We offer a broad product portfolio in order to meet your patients' needs.

      Urinary catheter portfolio

      Intermittent catheters

      Actreen® catheters for self-catheterization and single use

      The Actreen® range offers ready-to-use intermittent catheters for people living with urinary retention.

      Indwelling catheters

      Urimed® Cath foley catheters

      The Urimed® Cath indwelling foley catheters for bladder drainage (2-way).


      Suprapubic catheters

      Cystofix® suprapubic punture sets

      Cystofix® is a range of suprapubic catheters. The Cystofix® SG ready-to-use puncture sets are based on the Seldinger technique.


      Male external catheters

      Urimed® Vision catheters

      Urimed® Vision male external catheters can offer a solution to male urinary incontinence. The silicone catheters fit all major types of urine collecting bags.

      Catheter maintenance portfolio

      Catheter maintenance

      Uro-Tainer® irrigation solution

      Patients with indwelling urinary catheters are at risk of developing complications such as infection and encrustation. In turn complications may lead to blockage and leakage of urine and the patient may require emergency removal of the catheter. Uro-Tainer® irrigation solution can be used to manage encrustation and debris formation.

       Urinary bag portfolio

      Urine measurement

      Ureofix® 500 measurement system

      Ureofix® 500 Classic is a closed urine measurement system dedicated to intensive care and all situations where accurate urine measurement is critical. 

      Urine collection and sampling

      Ureofix® 112 Plus / Urimed® SP range

      Both, the closed urine collection system Ureofix® 112 Plus and the sterile collection bags Urimed® SP /SP+ are developed for urine collection and needle-free sampling for short and mid term catheterization.

      Urine collection

      Urimed® urine bags

      Our range of adult urine collection bags is composed of leg and bedside/wheelchair bags. Different accessories are available.

      Urine collection

      Urimed® B'Bags urine bags

      The Urimed® B'Bags range provides a large portfolio of bags with a convincing price-performance ratio for both, hospital and home care use. 

      Urine sampling and diuresis management

      Urinocol® pediatric urine bags

      The Urinocol® range offers urine bags specifically designed for pediatric use, with anatomic shape for boys and girls and premature babies. This range includes closed and drainable urine collection bags for urine sampling and diuresis management.

      Urological catheter portfolio

      Ureteral stenting

      Urecath® stents

      With the Urecath® Stents B. Braun offers sets for ureteral stenting using a classic technique.


      Nephrofix® range

      With the Nephrofix® range we offer a choice of complete sets for percutaneous Nephrostomy, both with balloon or pigtail tip catheters.