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Catheter maintenance

The risk of catheter encrustation or CAUTI

One of the possible solutions for patients with incontinence or chronic urinary retention is bladder drainage by indwelling urinary catheterization. Nevertheless, indwelling urinary catheters are not free from complications. Known complications are catheter obstructions (i.e. caused by encrustation) which can lead to frequent catheter changes. More catheter changes may increase the risk of catheter associated-urinary tract infection (CAUTI). Bacteria may enter the catheter and adhere to the catheter or the drainage bag. Contaminated catheters can develop colonies and biofilm. Catheter encrustations may occur and reach clinical significance, e.g. by obstructing the urine outflow through the catheter.


Catheter maintenance

Catheter maintenance solutions have been developed to remove small blood clots, tissue and debris to maintain the catheter and reduce frequency of catheter changes.

infographic catheter maintenance