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NEXADIA® mobile companion

Small helper allows flexibility

A new generation of intelligent dialysis systems can simplify treatments for medical and nursing staff. Above all, the NEXADIA® mobile companion, which makes patient data available for mobile devices, is designed to make care easier.

The B. Braun via medis Renal Care Center in Bad Kissingen uses digital technology - including, most recently, the NEXADIA mobile companion.

“Communication can work better. Because I'm more actively involved now, the younger nurses in particular can learn more quickly and can gain an understanding of which parameters are most relevant to the therapy.”

Radovan Vasko, MD

Radovan Vasko, MD, has already been working with the NEXADIA Mobile Companion for several months.
Just a matter of seconds now: Fistula documentation for a patient.

“Of all the features, it's the simplified documentation that excites many of our customers the most.”

Benjamin Olson, B. Braun’s Marketing Manager responsible for the development and launch of the NEXADIA mobile companion.

The NEXADIA mobile companion enables access to patient data.
The mobile companion can be seamlessly integrated into existing B. Braun NEXADIA setups.
With the help of attractively prepared diagrams, patients can be given comprehensive advice on their therapy.
Benjamin Olson manages the launch and further development of the NEXADIA® mobile companion.

Nexadia® product portfolio

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