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Effective against MDRO

Helping to break the circle of antibiotic resistance

Could pre-surgery wash be a magic bullet in the fight against infections and antibiotic-resistant pathogens? One current approach is to specifically screen all patients for MRSA, a huge effort and drain on resources. 

Pre-surgery body wash


Online training

What to expect from the training?


Experience our interactive training which prescribes the germ-reducing body wash for patients.

"Universal preventive body washing & and preoperative universal decolonization"

Even though the causes of surgical site infections (SSI) are widely known, these infections remain an unsolved problem in the medical world. Mistakes still commonly happen along the treatment pathway – before, during and after surgery. Mostly, they may not happen due to a lack of knowledge or care but rather due to the stress and complexity of the OR environment. As part of a bundle approach for the prevention of SSI, universal decolonization with polyhexanide can contribute aiming to reduce SSI rates.

Learn more about about micro-organisms and the consequences of surgical site infections. It will take you approx. 20 min. to work through the contents of the training.

After proceeding the training you'll receive a certificate via eMail.

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