compact plus System
Time to care

B. Braun pumps

Compactplus is the new generation of simplesafe and robust pumps that addresses the core requirements of modern infusion therapy integrating the latest technological advances at an unmatched economical value.

Benefits at a glance


  • Intuitive user interface for reduced training needs
  • Guiding interface to prevent operating errors
  • Self-explaining pump 

Easy handling in a safe way

The complexity of infusion therapy increased over the past years and increases the need of staff training but also makes operating errors more likely – resulting in negative effects for the patient safety.

In contrast the compactplus systems come with an intuitive user interface on a large and bright colour display. Pictures on the operating interface of both systems as well as the color codes and shapes of the Infusomat plus system guide the user while loading the pump quickly and safely.

Prevention of medication errors for patient safety

Predefined infusion rates for patient safety - B. Braun DoseGuard ®

Even a small error can be a risk to the patient during a medical procedure. Nearly 50 % of all medication errors happen during drug administration.

To minimize this risk and to make infusion therapies more efficient and less complex the compactplus system includes the B. Braun DoseGuard which offers predefined infusion rate ranges for more than 3000 drugs in different care areas.

Cousins D, Gerret D, Warner B. A review of medication incidents reported to the National Reporting and Learning System in England and Wales over 6 years (2005–2010). Br J Clinical Phamarcology. 2012 Oct; 74(4): 597–604. 

Avoidance of unintended bolus and free-flow

The semi-automatic drive of compactplus perfusors saves time during start up and increases the safety as well as accuracy due to prevention of unintended bolus. Likewise the dedicated tubing material and anti- free flow clamp of Infusomat compactplus allow accurate and safe infusions.

Faster intervention from more perspectives

Despite the lack of time and high work pressure in every day clinical practice, fast intervention is always necessary in case of alarms. The colour coded drug information of compactplus systems can also be read from distance, during the alarm and angles up to 80°.    






Benefits at a glance

  • Display readable from angles up to 80°
  • Easy identification of color coded drug information from distance
  • Color coded drug information visible during alarms

Robust design that tolerates mistakes

Prevention of unscheduled downtimes due to fluids, particles or falls

With increasing time pressure in clinical routine, the probability of failures is also higher. The robust design of compactplus pumps and the high protection against fluid ingress (IP34) avoid unscheduled downtimes and releases time to care. 

Watch the videos and convince yourself!

Simple and short maintenance procedures

The simple and robust design of compactplus systems creates simple, short and economical maintenance procedures. Less time on services more time to care.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reliability through robust design
  • High fluid protection (IP34) for more reliability

Easy and seamless transport

Always ready to use on the ward and during transports.

Thanks to the flexible modular system and highly reliable lithium batteries the compactplus systems are prepared for an advanced and easy transport of up to 3 pumps at the same time. Due to the integrated power supply the campactplus pumps can be charged independent from the stations position.

Benefits at a glance

  • Transport of up to 3 pumps together
  • Reliable and long-lasting lithium battery for flexible point of use
  • Easy lifting and transport with integrated handle

Be part of the future with advanced workflows

Just plug and lock

The tool free assembly of the stations is quick and easy and allows to stack up to 18 pumps/6 stations by using only one Data module compactplus.


Benefit from B. Braun Online Suite

The Data module compactplus guarantees flexible and advanced integration in the hospital network via LAN or WIFI and gives you the possibility to benefit from B. Braun Online Suite and manage all your pumps from one location.