B. Braun Customized Kits
Improving Hospital Processes and Procedures

B. Braun ProSet - The intelligent concept 

More time for your patients, standardized processes and coordinated set solutions: you can expect all this from pre-assembled and pre-connected sets. Customized kits from ProSet support your intensive care unit and anesthesia, paediatrics and hospital pharmacy processes. Challenge us so that you can focus on the essentials: your therapy and the well-being of your patients.

Why should I decide for a customized set?

Why should I decide for a B. Braun customized set?

Your benefits

Knowing the processes in the therapy fields is key to provide solutions which help you ease your daily work. B. Braun is a reliable partner when it comes to dive deep into the analysis and consulting of your application processes. You can expect practical proposals for standardization of your processes in a complex environment which fit perfectly in your workflow. 

Our service doesn't end after your purchase! We accompany you from the identification of your demand over the consulting for finding the right product and are on your side when it comes to the implementation. The training of your staff is not only a duty but we love to partner with you for the improvement of processes and product solutions.

The products of B. Braun are well known and appreciated over the world. Our customized kits are assembled on the base of our high quality portfolio and are produced in our B. Braun facilities in Europe. You can rely on the knowledge of more than 150 years driven by a spirit of innovation which propels us to develop new configurations which fit best in the changing environments in the hospitals. 

A changing regulative context and more and more demanding requirements for the hospitals need a reliable partner to ensure your therapies can be conducted in the planned procedure. In this situation it is reassuring to have a partner on your side who can cover all the upcoming challenges and is able to deliver also in the future the products you needed. The upcoming MDR for Europe may lead to changes in the market - but not for B. Braun. We are well prepared to deliver you reliably even after the implementation of the new MDR.

Flexibility and individuality for a reasonable price? This is true for our customized kits! Challenge us with your situation on the ward or anesthesia. Together we will find a product which fits in your hospital environment to improve your processes. The wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented most of the time. You can already choose from a broad variety of kits we already have on stock. Ask your sales consultant to support you in finding the right product for the standardization of your processes.


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