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SeQuent® DCBs

The proven performers in coronary angioplasty

Backing up cardiologists with unparalleled clinical data and proven performance for both paclitaxel and sirolimus coated balloons.


Cardiovascular News

Paclitaxel and sirolimus coated balloons

SeQuent® DCBs – The choice is yours.

B. Braun´s paclitaxel coated balloon SeQuent® Please NEO is the best investigated DCB [1] in the field of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI). It has demonstrated its convincing performance, efficacy and safety in more than 110 published studies (including more than 35 RCTs) – with over 25,000 documented patients, conducted in more than 20 countries. 

SeQuent® Please NEO for coronary angioplasty

Clinical evidence

Publications for SeQuent® Please / NEO

The coronary DCB has been investigated in more than 110 studies with over 25,000 documented patients, conducted in more than 20 countries.
All clinical trials at a glance as PDF download

Study summaries SeQuent® Please / NEO

Randomized controlled trials

Not randomized controlled trials & observational studies

Clinical evidence SeQuent® SCB

Preclinical work and randomized controlled trials

Treatment methodology

According to Consensus Group recommendations [6], [7]

Lesion preparation

Acceptable angiographic result

  • No dissection or only Type A or B
    No flow limiting dissection
  • TIMI III / FFR > 0.8
  • Residual stenosis ≤ 30 %

Unacceptable angiographic result

  • Dissection Type C-F
    Flow limiting dissection
  • TIMI < III / FFR < 0.8
  • Residual stenosis > 30 %

Lesion therapy

DCB-only with with SeQuent® Please NEO or SeQuent® SCB

  • De-Novo
  • ISR


  • DES implantation with Coroflex® ISAR NEO

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Safe and effective alternative to DES in de novo lesions

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[1] All numbers referring to clinical coronary trials on PCBs, patients enrolled therein and countries in which these trials were conducted, are based on a PubMed literature search conducted with due diligence in February/March 2022. (Data on file at B. Braun)

[2] Ali RM et al J Am Coll Cardiol Intv 2019;12:558-66

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[6] Kleber FX et al. Clin Res Cardiol. 2013 Nov;102(11):785-97.

[7] Jeger RV et JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2020 Jun 22;13(12):1391-1402.


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