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WFNS-Aesculap Adult Fellowship in Tübingen

The World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) and the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Tübingen are pleased to announce this special fellowship program which is exclusively funded by an annual grant from Aesculap. Each year 4 young neurosurgeons especially from developing countries, will have the chance to be trained in the whole field of neurosurgical techniques at the Department of Neurosurgery in Tübingen.

Miguel A. Arraez, MD, PhD

President of the WFNS Foundation

Marcos Tatagiba, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurosurgery, Chairman and Director, Department of Neurosurgery

Program information

The Department of Neurosurgery of the University of Tübingen is a large institution which runs a daily surgical program of 10-12 surgeries, or almost 3,000 surgeries per year. There is a Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit with 16 beds, as well as a close cooperation with the Departments of Neuroradiology and Neurology.

The fellowship consists of extensive exposure to the whole spectrum of neurosurgical techniques including complex spine, functional, epilepsy, neuro-oncology, vascular, skull base, pituitary as well as the numerous translational research programmes within the Neuroscience Programme of the Department of Neurosurgery in combination with the Center of Neurology of the University of Tübingen.


Program details

  • Duration of fellowship will be 3 months
  • Fellows will be provided with furnished accommodation
  • Fellows will be paid scholarship of € 1,250 per month
  • The Fellowship does not provide travel expenses
  • Candidates will be allowed to attend surgeries, conferences, workshops and other educational activities during the fellowship period

Past fellows

July – September 2022, Sumanth Kumar Nyathani, MD, India
April – June 2022, Thanh Nhan Pham, MD, Vietnam
January - March 2022, Andrija Savić, MD, Serbia
October - December 2021, Gayrat Eshkuvvatov, MD, Uzbekistan

April - September 2021

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak and the associated travel restrictions, the WFNS-Aesculap Adult Neurosurgery Fellowship could not be filled from April to June 2021.

January - March 2021, Imane Bersali, MD, Algeria

April - December 2020

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak and the associated travel restrictions, the WFNS-Aesculap Adult Neurosurgery Fellowship could not be filled from April to December 2020.

January - March 2020, Janvier Hitimana, MD, Rwanda
October - December 2019, Vahag Aleksanyan, MD, Armenia
July - September 2019, Paula Alejandra Benitez Gasca, MD, Mexico
April - June 2019, Dilshod Mamadaliev Muhammadvalievich, MD, Uzbekistan
January - March 2019, Edgar Miguel Angel Robledo Moreno, MD, Mexico
October - December 2018, Akhror T. Yoqubov, MD, Uzbekistan
July - September 2018, Emmanuel Obeta, MD, Nigeria
April - June 2018, Ali Karadag, MD, Turkey
January - March 2018, Jorge Rasmussen, MD, Argentina
October - December 2017, Gobran Al-Fotih, MD, PhD, Yemen
July - September 2017, Jasmit Singh, MD, India
April - June 2017, Emiliano Mollea, MD, Argentina
January - March 2017, Victoria Palins’ka, MD, Ukraine
October - December 2016, Grzegorz Turek, MD, Poland
July - September 2016, Shabal Sapkota, MD, Nepal
April - June 2016, Sokhib Saidov Saidmurodovich, MD, Uzbekistan
January - March 2016, Aliuzzaman Joarder, MD, Bangladesh
October - December 2015, Omotayo Abimbola Ojo, MD, Nigeria
July - September 2015, Mr. Salvador Manrique-Guzmán, MD, Mexico
April - June 2015, Jamshid Kuzibaev, MD, Uzbekistan
January - March 2015, Abbas Aziz Mahmoud, MD, Iraq
October - December 2014, Mohammad Muhtadi Al Jallad, MD, Jordan
July - September 2014, Anand Sudhakarrao Dank, MD, India
April - June 2014, Serghei Borodin, MD, Republic of Moldova
January - March 2014, Toma Spiriev, MD, Bulgaria
September - December 2013, Alex Roman, MD, Brazil
July - September 2013, Mohamed Abdelatif Boukebir, MD, Algeria
April - June 2013, Gordan Grahovac, MD, Croatia
January - March 2013, Mohammad Zahir Shah, MD, Afghanistan
October - December 2012, Tigran Khachatryan, MD, Armenia
July - September 2012, Tufail Ahmed Khan, MD, India
April - June 2012, Rajiv Kumar Jha, MD, Nepal
January - March 2012, Pranav Ghodgaonkar, MD, India
September - December 2011, Abass Adam, MD, Ghana
May - August 2011, Bruno Lobo, MD, Brazil
November 2010 - February 2011, Payman Vahedi, MD, Iran

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