Parenteral Nutrition
Color your therapies

Parenteral Nutrition matters

Parenteral nutrition campaign signet: Color your therapies

Parenteral nutrition is indicated when patients are unable to meet their nutritional needs through oral or enteral nutrition due to diseases such as cancer, chronic diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, or after surgery. In such cases either single bottles with amino acids, glucose and lipids, compounded bags or multi-chamber bags are provided to the patient.

Color your therapies is an appeal to tap the full potential of a nuanced treatment.

According to color theory it takes three colors to mix every shade imaginable: blue, yellow, red. Likewise, it takes three ingredients to give patients the necessary macronutrients they need to have good preconditions for recovery, filled in three chambers: glucose, amino acids, and lipids. Mixing these three and adding individual components means using all shades of nutrition therapy to really meet the individual need of your patients.

To support health care professionals in the prescription, preparation and application of parenteral nutrition solutions, B. Braun offers a wide range of products.