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Impact on quality of life

High stoma output

Did you know that patients with a high-output stoma have to empty their bag 8 to 25 times per 24 hours?(1)

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After a stoma surgery, some patients have to cope with high output which has a great impact on their quality of sleep as they have to wake up frequently in order to empty their bag. This condition has also an impact on their quality of life as they need to sleep more than usual so as to get along with their new health condition. 

Flow Collector

A positiv feedback

Based on an observational survey conducted in France on 27 patients using the Flow Collector, the results of the survey have shown that the frequency of change decreased from every 4 hours to once every 24 hours on 70% of cases. 90% of patients have considered that the Flow Collector has improved their quality of life especially during the night because it contributed to a better sleep.(2)

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1) Slater R High-output stomas: challenges with a large laparostomy wound.  BJN 2011; 21(6):S26-S33

2) Rapport de l'enquête de la satisfaction Flow Collector, July 2014 - Data on file

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