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Stop Wrong-site nerve blocks

Perform your time with EZCOVER®

Wrong-site nerve blocks (WSNB) are considered as “never events” in health care, yet they continue to occur and pose a risk of serious consequences.1 WSNB can harm the patient, increase treatment costs and lead to a loss of trust in the health care system. Medico-legal claims arising from WSNB are indefensible, and typically settle as a malpractice damage.2

EZCOVER® handling video

EZCOVER® benefits:


• Assures compliance with the WHO checklist (JCI standards IPSG4 and IPSG.4.1)

• Complies with the new prep-stop-block SOP 

• Designed to reduce risks of wrong-site blocks

EZCOVER® with Stop safety shield

The stop shield provides a physical barrier to remind the health care providers to implement the time-out moment, immediately prior to the start of the procedure. 

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