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Waste reduction

The sustainable hospital: Waste reduction best practice tip

As healthcare institutions seek ways to make their operations more sustainable and contribute to the fight against climate change, one very simple metric to focus on is total plastic waste generated by a facility.

CSSD Manager compares sterile containers vs. single-use wraps waste

Processing sterile goods for the OR

The ongoing performance of operations in the hospital depends on an uninterrupted supply of newly sterilized reusable equipment, typically provided by a facility’s central sterile services department (CSSD).

Single-use wrap
Reusable sterile container

Waste quantity comparison

Sterilization with blue wrap vs. AESCULAP® sterile containers

  • Annual surgeries


    of a typical mid-sized hospital in Germany

  • Single-use wrap


    of polypropylene waste is generated each year

  • Sterile containers


    total annual waste quantity [1]

More interesting facts about sterile packaging systems


Discover our rigid sterile container system.

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[1] Waste quantity comparison – Sterilization with blue wrap vs AESCULAP® rigid sterile containers: Calculation example

[2] Figure from Aesculap website. Referenced: “Data on file at Aesculap”

[3] Krohn, M.; Fengler, J.; Mickley, T.; Flessa, S. Analysis of processes and costs of alternative packaging options of sterile goods in hospitals – A case study in two German hospitals. Health Econ. Rev. 2019, 9, 1.