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Peripheral IV Catheters

Reducing blood exposure and spillage during the IV process

Blood spillage and exposure to blood not only displays a risk but also interrupts the tight workflow of hospital staff. B. Braun offers an extensive PIVC portfolio with innovative blood-control technology that helps to make the IV cannulation process cleaner, safer and more efficient.  

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  • Up to 


    Of all healthcare workers come into involuntary contact with blood or body fluids at least once a year1

  • In up to


    Of conventional peripheral IV catheters, blood leakages occur during insertion.2

  • In up to


    Of conventional peripheral IV catheters, blood leakages occur during (dis-) connections.2

  • Approx.


    Cleaning the workplace5

  • Additional


    Time required for dressing changes per 1,000 IV catheters6, 7

  • Approx.


    Average monthly cost of cleaning and disinfecting after a blood exposure in a hospital with 4,000 IV catheters1

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