Corporate Investment
& Collaborations

Our Mission

In Corporate Investment and Collaborations, our focus is primarily on sustainable, strategic investments and collaborations within our technological and core focus areas.

We use various collaboration models to work with partners, young companies, and startups to drive their innovative solutions forward and lead them to success.

Our commitment usually goes beyond a mere financial contribution. In line with our corporate philosophy of “Sharing Expertise”, we value constructive exchange with our portfolio and partner companies and support them with the company’s 180 years of experience, the know-how of our more than 64,000 employees, and our market access in over 64 countries worldwide.


Quotes from our Portfolio Companies

"An investment from B. Braun is a strong statement of support in our technology and approach. It adds credibility and helps to build our reputation. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to consult with B. Braun on many aspects of our development and this is a considerable advantage for a young company."

- Zvi Pe'er, CEO – Gordian Surgical


"We were founded as a joint venture company between B. Braun and Christoph Miethke. Our focus is the development of a targeted drug delivery system. B. Braun has a massive portfolio of products and corresponding number of experts in many different topics. We have taken the opportunity to learn from these products and experts, which has helped more quickly to achieve our development goals."

- Brandon Loudermilk, CEO – B. Braun Miethke


Our Portfolio Companies at a Glance


AOT, based in Basel, Switzerland, is engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a robotic system that can cut bone and hard tissue with lasers.


ApiFix, based in Misgav, Israel, is developing an innovative, minimally invasive system to correct deformities for patients with Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis (AIS). ApiFix was a portfolio company of our partner Trendlines and was acquired by OrthoPediatrics in 2020.

B & S Analytik

B & S Analytik, based in Dortmund, Germany, develops, manufactures, and markets measurement and analysis instruments as well as software and databases. Their focus is on the fields of medicine, process analytics, and safety engineering. B & S Analytik GmbH was a spin-off of ISAS - the Institute for Analytical Sciences Dortmund - and was merged with B. Braun Melsungen AG in 2018.

B. Braun Miethke

B. Braun Miethke, based in Potsdam, Germany, is a joint venture between Aesculap AG and Christoph Miethke, Founder and Managing Director of Christoph Miethke GmbH & Co. KG. Their focus is on the development of innovative drug release products.

270 Vision

270 Vision, based in Chilbolton, UK, develops wearables and software for the simple and cost-effective real-time measurement of body movement to assist in rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.

Press release

CeCaVa (Center for Cancer Vaccines)

CeCaVa (Center for Cancer Vaccines), based in Tübingen, Germany, was founded in 2018 as a joint venture between B. Braun Melsungen AG and CeGaT GmbH in Tübingen. CeCaVa is a biotechnology company focused on personalized immunoncological approaches for the treatment of cancer.

Fidmi Medical

Fidmi Medical, based in Misgav, Israel, is developing a unique port for enteral nutrition. Fidmi Medical is a portfolio company of our partner Trendlines.


IT4process, based in Herzogenrath, Germany, provides consulting services and software solutions for hospitals with a focus on operating room management, bed planning, and sterile supply (CSSD).

Gordian Surgical

Gordian Surgical, based in Misgav, Israel, is developing Gordian TroClose 1200, a novel, integrated system for the opening and suturing closure of the abdominal wall during laparoscopic procedures. Gordian Surgical is a portfolio company of our partner Trendlines.


SOPHIA, based in Rotenburg (Wümme), Germany, is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution for the standardization of clinical processes. SOPHIA also facilitates cross-institutional networking between clinics, professional societies, industrial companies, research, and teaching. SOPHIA is a joint venture between B. Braun Melsungen AG and portamedia GmbH.


neuroloop, based in Freiburg, Germany, is developing a novel, closed-loop neurostimulator for peripheral nerve stimulation. neuroloop is a joint spin-off of the University as well as the University Hospital of Freiburg and Aesculap AG.

Product Website Be 1®

Stimatix GI

Stimatix GI, based in Misgav, Israel, has developed a novel, compact colostomy management solution that offers stoma carriers greater safety and control. Stimatix GI, a former portfolio company of our partner Trendlines, was acquired in 2014 by B. Braun Medical SAS, a subsidiary of the B. Braun Group. B. Braun launched Stimatix GI products in 2019 under the Be 1® name.

True Digital Surgery

True Digital Surgery, based in Goleta, USA, develops technology in the field of 3D digital microscopy and related software solutions.


Quotes from our Collaboration Partners

“The characteristics ‘solution-oriented’ and ‘communicative’ characterize our collaboration with B. Braun very well. Thanks to short channels and an open dialog, decisions could usually be made quickly. The intention was always to test out new ideas in a practical way in order to then iteratively shape product development. As a young company, it is also essential to market your own product. B. Braun has excellent market access and can therefore offer complementary offerings to existing customers.”

- Tobias Gebhardt, Managing Director – GWA Hygiene


“What was particularly special about the collaboration within the framework of the B. Braun Accelerator was an intensive exchange among all participants. We were able to benefit greatly from various coaching sessions, workshops, and the bootcamps. Moreover, feedback from such an established company is extremely valuable for us. The exchange with the other startups at joint events was also very enriching. During the Accelerator, we were able to lay the foundation for collaboration within the framework of the BMVI-funded research project ‘UAS Invent’, which is supported by the federal government with funding of 1.9 million euros and in which B. Braun is an associated partner.”

– Benjamin Federmann, Co-Founder – doks.innovation


Our Collaborations at a Glance


Anatomics, based in Melbourne, Australia, manufactures and markets 3D printed surgical implants and associated software solutions. A sales collaboration exists between B. Braun's Aesculap Division and Anatomics for patient-specific implants for cranioplasty.

AQ Solutions

AQ Solutions, based in Cologne, Germany, specializes in the development and marketing of implant systems for complex revision and tumor care as well as 3D planned individual prostheses. B. Braun’s Aesculap division and AQ Solutions combine their sales and customer service activities.


The startup doks. innovation was founded in 2017 in the sphere of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics in Dortmund. Operating from its headquarters in Kassel, Germany since 2018, the company develops solutions for logistics and industrial companies that help automate and digitalize warehouse and inventory control processes.


fino, based in Kassel and Lübeck, Germany, is a fintech company specializing in the automation and optimization of billing processes.

GWA Hygiene

Health startup GWA Hygiene, based in Stralsund, Germany, provides a tool for preventing infections with its "NosoEx" hand hygiene monitoring system. The sensor technology can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure of hospitals or nursing homes. NosoEx is set to become the digital assistant for Hospital Hygiene.

Human Xtensions

Human Xtensions, based in Netanya, Israel, focuses on reinventing minimally invasive surgery (MIS) with disruptive hand-top technology. B. Braun’s Aesculap division and Human Xtensions have signed an agreement to distribute HandX, a platform for MIS.


MotionMiners GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, is a spin-off of the Frauenhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics. With their Motion-Mining® technology consisting of mobile sensors (wearables) and beacons, they record manual work processes and analyze them automatically with the help of a self-developed Deep Learning System.


Wakeo, based in Paris, France, offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for the real-time tracking and analysis of multimodal flows (sea, air, road). The solution helps to optimize internal processes and improve customer satisfaction.


Our Partner Network

With the support of our partner network, we gain early access to promising and innovative ideas, startups, and new technologies and business models.

Quotes from our Partners

"The B. Braun/Trendlines relationship is marked by cooperation and Sharing Expertise throughout, from marketing to business development, through research and development – a partnership for open innovation and sharing to bring new products to market, supporting the medical community and patients worldwide. We are privileged to work with B. Braun’s people in many countries, in many positions, from manufacturing in Asia through the board of directors in Melsungen."

- Todd Dollinger, Chairman & CEO – The Trendlines Group


“B. Braun brings to the collaboration its expertise in the healthcare market or in the processes of a manufacturing company. This helps High-Tech Gründerfonds in the evaluation of startup ideas and in accompanying startups onto the market. In joint events, we can create added value for startups. Here, too, B. Braun and the B. Braun Foundation follow the guiding principle of ‘Sharing Expertise’.”

- Dr. Anke Caßing, Investment Manager – High-Tech Gründerfonds


Our Partners at a Glance

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), based in Bonn, Germany, is a program launched by the German government in 2005 to support innovative ideas in young technology companies in the seed phase. In addition to companies from industry and commerce, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the KfW banking group also participate.

Trendlines Medical Israel

Trendlines Medical Israel is a Misgav, Israel-based startup incubator that creates, nurtures, and develops innovative medical companies. As a committed active investor, Trendlines is involved in all aspects of its portfolio companies, from technology development to business expansion.

Trendlines Medical Singapore

Trendlines Medical Singapore is a medical technology startup incubator founded in Singapore in 2016 by the Trendlines Group and B. Braun, which focuses on the development and commercialization of young medical technology companies in Singapore and the region.

Trendlines Labs

Trendlines Labs is an in-house innovation center from Trendlines in Misgav, Israel that invents and develops innovative technologies and products as part of its search for solutions to previously unmet customer needs.