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A precise view of the future

New digital microscope technology for neurosurgery

New technology allows high-resolution views into the human body, making it a prerequisite for more precise surgery. More innovations are expected in the coming years.

“The surgery would have been completed as usual, but the tumor would not have been entirely removed. With corresponding negative consequences for the patient. This innovation allowed the tumor to be removed more thoroughly.”

Robert Weber, Head of Marketing & Sales Transformation at B. Braun and Managing Director Aesculap Akademie

Discover Aesculap Aeos®

Do you think that a new dimension of vision and a new dimension of comfort help surgeons to always give their best? Then we agree with you.

Control monitor

Control monitor

The settings of the Aesculap Aeos® can be operated via  touchscreen.

System Trolley

System Trolley

The base of the Aesculap Aeos® has interfaces for the integration of numerous external devices. 

Robotic arm

Robotic arm

The six-axis arm can be steered manually or via foot control - in the submillimeter range.



Up to ten times optical zoom and HDR offers microscopic precision.



Different lighting modes are superimposed on the monitor. Further digital sources can be integrated. 

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“Digital microscopy already offers an image quality which limits further optimization possibilities. This means, in the future, the focus will be on something else—the ability to better assist users in their decision-making. With smart imaging technology like the Aesculap Aeos®, we are making that possible.”

Erick Drost, Senior Expert Engineer Research & Development, Tuttlingen, Germany

Aesculap Aeos​®

A new dimension of vision and comfort that helps surgeons always give their best. In the age of digitalization, it's time for a new dimension in surgical microscopes.

Step into the future

Stimuplex® Ultra 360 NRFit® cannulas for ultrasound- or stimulation-assisted peripheral regional anesthesia using the "Single Shot" technique.

“The advantage of ultrasound is being able to visualize not only the nerve itself, its surrounding sensitive and vulnerable structures. The special surface on our needles now also makes the tool visible and controllable.”

Jacqueline Berg, Product Manager for Regional Anesthesia at B. Braun.

“The visualization of two imaging techniques at the same time is really quite easy, it gets considerably more difficult as the number of techniques increases, different patient cohorts are involved and the imaging is combined with other data types.””

Noeska Smit, Professor of Medical Visualization at the University of Bergen, Norway