"B. Braun Extranet" to become "My B. Braun"

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The "My B. Braun" login can be found in the upper menu bar on the B. Braun website.

The B. Braun Extranet has been moved to a new and modern platform. Effective immediately, “My B. Braun” will provide you with access to your personal applications and content based on the newest security standards. Since it is integrated into the B. Braun website, it can also directly access additional information and offers from B. Braun.

What is changing for you?

You can now reach “My B. Braun” and your usual applications via the login page on the B. Braun website.

The login can be found in the upper menu bar on the B. Braun website. The button is labeled "My B. Braun". Directly after login your personal applications will be available as usual on the "My B. Braun" overview page.   

Your login information for “My B. Braun”

For external users, please login with your email address plus your former Extranet password. Should you have difficulties, however, you can request a new password with your registered email address. If you have not yet registered on the B. Braun Extranet or on “My B. Braun”, use the registration form to obtain access quickly and easily.

For most employees of the B. Braun Group, access to “My B. Braun” has gotten even easier. You can easily log in with your B. Braun network login information and will not require a separate password anymore. You do not need to reset your password anymore.

“My B. Braun” can now be accessed locally

Log into “My B. Braun” via your local B. Braun website. "My B. Braun" is currently available for the following countries:

If “My B. Braun” is not yet available on your local B. Braun website, then simply log in at www.bbraun.com/mybbraun to access your applications.

Still have questions?

In the FAQs for “My B. Braun”, you will find additional information. Moreover, the support team is available to answer your questions.

Contact the "My B. Braun" Support Team at

This information is also available in German