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Diet tips and recipes

Healthy eating with kidney disease

Because your kidneys no longer function at full capacity, your health and well-being depend on a proper diet to compensate for the changes that have occurred in the body. This page provides a general overview on healthy lifestyle for patients with renal failure. However, which diet is good for you depends on several factors such as your likes and dislikes, the stage of kidney function, the type of treatment you are receiving and other conditions you may have, e.g. diabetes.

Diet tips

Healthy recipes

Good food and balanced nutrition are key elements of a healthy, high-quality life. That is why we teamed up with the dietary specialist Dr. Ulrike von Herz and the top German chef Christoph Brand from the Fliegende Köche (Flying Cooks) with the intention to inspire you. We are offering you helpful cooking recipes and tutorials for a variety of dishes. 


Some of our dishes contain ingredients like chili and garlic. Please be sure to adjust the spice level of the chili to suit your own tastes. Oil and butter are good sources of energy, since foods high in carbohydrates often contain a lot of potassium. Harzer cheese and Parmesan cheese contain more protein per 100g than meat or fish. But please note that both types of cheese are very salty and consuming them may lead to increased thirst.


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Cooking tutorials
preparation of pasta by Christoph Brand

FAQ: diet and fluid management

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Holiday dialysis

It is possible to travel with renal failure. B. Braun operates more than 350 renal care centers in more than 30 countries.

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