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Surgical Asset & Supply Consulting

Strategic partnership implementation

Implementation and subsequent go-live of future-oriented solutions for the customer´s OR supply as well as the delivery of process-integrated products.

Digital documentation solutions

Did you know that sets are often incomplete or incorrectly packed? Many sets often do not contain what the surgeon needs or even have the wrong instruments inside. [1]
The reprocessing of medical devices is becoming more complex and complicated every day. If documentation is not performed professionally, instruments disappear, transparency regarding entire instrument cycle flow is missing, instrument movement between sets or disciplines cannot be tracked and OR complains because of inappropriate set assembling.

Let TOM rock your CSSD!

TOM is our all digital Tray Organizing Manager – an easy to install app-based platform solution designed to optimize the processes of any CSSD. 

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Female CSSD employee with the instacount® instrument management system

Backup Stock Management

Complete surgical instrument sets in right condition thanks to professional Backup Stock and Repair Management.

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