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Aesculap Technical Service

Securing long ​product lifecycles

The quality of a product only becomes apparent when it is being used. Our technical service team helps you to maintain your products to ensure a sustainable long-time use.

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Our core business is surgical equipment, so we know a thing or two. And we also apply this knowledge to our technical service. Our aim is to actively help you design operating theater and central sterilization processes smoothly, efficiently and without interruptions. In doing so, we pay just as much attention to patient well-being as we do to the economic efficiency that is vital these days. We know that both aspects dictate your daily routine in the hospital and have integrated solutions prepared for you that can reduce technical interruptions and make the equipment purchased remain functional in the long term. 

Service portfolio

Aesculap Technical Service

For power tools foreseen every 12 months.
All wear parts are preventively exchanged, to avoid any unplanned break-down and increase the utile life of the power tool.

Receive fast, first class manufacturer quality, with a simple replacement. If it is urgent, we even deliver in advance. In this way we ensure that the OR does not stop.

Service so easy. We guide you safely through the yearly service process, independently if you have a Preventive Maintenance or a Plus contract. We plan well in advance the technical service for the entire power tools inventory and inform you in time before the due date. Of course, we also take care of the planning of the loan equipment and of the complete logistics.

Our maintenance with 12 months’ functional warranty. In combination with our “FAST Trail” exchange program, it provides a quick, trouble-free solution for the yearly maintenance.

As good as new – Protect value, in the long term and sustainably

The value of the equipment used in an operating theater is often underestimated. The same applies for the stresses and strains that surgical instruments, for example, are exposed to every day.

Despite the use of high quality materials, frequent cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and use in the OR often lead to unnoticed but constant wear and tear and therefore to a gradual loss of value.Correct use, preparation and care of the equipment slows the process significantly. If this is supplemented by regular and correct inspections by the hospital staff as part of everyday clinical routine, the level of wear can be detected and counterbalanced by a specialist repair. [1] Gradual wear and tear without countermeasures can however lead to irreparable damage to the equipment. This leads to high reinvestment costs.

Regular maintenance counteracts the loss of value and is an investment that very often costs a lot less than the real loss. In this way, expensive replacement can be delayed for years.

Our commitment: manufacturer quality – We know our products

That means that your equipment is in the best possible hands with us. Our technicians, mechanics and engineers are trained at our production sites. They have several years of experience and are characterized by their craftsmanship above all.
Functionality, safety and model consistency are our main aims for maintenance as well. We only use original Aesculap spare parts, whether they are hard metal inlays, ball bearings or an electronic component.
Product and service-specific test equipment and a full inspection ensure quality and provide a level of repair that makes the products almost as good as new.
Naturally, our technical service is subject to the same strict Aesculap quality standards and internal regulations as our ISO 13485 certified production sites.

Our pledge: to proactive repair – Not just to restore functionality

Initially, high quality materials are used, such as extremely corrosion-resistant steel selected especially for use in the OR, modern plastics that withstand constant stresses, or particularly robust and light metals, such as titanium, for our surgical motor systems. As a result, we produce top quality medical devices at Aesculap. The aim of our maintenance services is to counteract wear and tear or to prevent it from occurring. We have the same high Aesculap requirements as our production sites.
Simply making a product functional again is not good enough for us. Maintenance is always done in a way that protects the material, ensures model consistency and is proactive. Surface treatment is part of this process for us for hygienic reasons. At the ATS we are happy to see our products again regularly and be able to repair them. For us, longevity is a sign of our quality requirements in action and represents sustainable economies.

Working together – On your side

Numerous factors can result in an operation not taking place. A technical fault in the surgical equipment should not be one of them. Therefore, our services have an overriding aim: To proactively prevent interruptions. However, if a malfunction does occur than we efficiently supply a solution to quickly fill the gap.


FAST Trail: Receive fast, first class manufacturer quality, with a simple replacement. If it is urgent, we even deliver in advance. In this way we ensure that the OR does not stop.


EASY prevent Plus: Our maintenance with 12 months’ functional warranty. In combination with our “FAST Trail” exchange program, it provides a quick, trouble-free solution.

Service international – We are where you need us

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Aesculap Technical Service

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[1] Experience based on inventory inspections carried out at hospitals with and without value preservation contracts (internal data).

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