Backup Stock Management

Complete surgical instrument sets in right condition thanks to professional Backup Stock and Repair Management

With a professionally set-up Backup Stock you will have critical surgical instruments with high wear and tear available in stock. In case an instrument gets lost or needs to be repaired, the surgical set can be directly completed at the CSSD workstation by taking out an equivalent instrument from the Backup Stock cabinet.
With the help of the BSM App, which is the digital twin and management tool of your Backup Stock, you will receive alerts once the minimum stocks of your Backup have been reached. Thereby you will be reminded to replenish your Backup Stock with functional instruments as soon as it is needed.

Additionally, you can choose between different repair and maintenance programs from the Aesculap Technical Service (ATS) which will maintain the right condition and functionality of your instruments continuously.

Success Story Backup Stock Management

Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital Barcelona, Spain

Since May 2020, Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital has been working with the B. Braun Backup Stock Management solution. With more than 500 Aesculap-Quality Instruments available in modular storage systems and supported by an intuitive management App, Backup Stock Management by B. Braun helps CSSD staff to meet their core mission: Right set. Right place. Right time. In the Right condition.

4 Steps to YOUR optimal Backup Stock

1. Analysis

In a first step your current Backup Stock or replenishment system is evaluated (if available).
Additionally, your inventory set-lists and tray flows are analyzed in order to calculate the suitable type and quantity of instruments (the so-called Instrument-Mix) of your future Backup Stock.

2. Customized Solution

You decide which BSM Solution you want to go for. Feel free to adapt the Instrument-Mix of your future Backup Stock, to choose between different cabinet solutions, to define the BSM App settings and to select the Technical Service maintenance program according to your needs.

3. Implementation

Focus on your daily work. Your Aesculap Consultants will implement the whole Backup Stock Management solution on-site in your CSSD. You will find the ready-to-use Backup stock cabinet with already labelled boxes and sorted instruments as requested. Additionally, your BSM data will also be integrated into the BSM App.

4. Training

For an optimal usage of the Backup Stock Management solution your CSSD staff will be trained on the utilization of the Backup Stock and handling of the BSM App as well as on the Repair workflow.

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