Intermittent catheters

20 years of Actreen® technology

For 20 years, B. Braun has been working alongside patients and healthcare professionals in the development of therapeutic educational tools and the Actreen® range dedicated to intermittent urinary catheterization.

Main characteristics of Actreen® catheters

Pre-lubricated and ready-to-use

Actreen® catheters are pre-lubricated with a unique formula which is composed of glycerin and water and so immediately ready-to-use, with no need of previous preparation steps as adding water. 

  • No preparation phase
  • No waiting time before catheterization
  • No mess, no splash with liquid water

No drying out for up to 60 minutes

The balance between glycerin and water vastly reduces water evaporation, creating excellent lubrication with no mess.

Actreen® lubricant is proven to keep the catheter fully lubricated for up to 60 min* meaning there is a reduced sticking effect experienced during catheterization.

*For safety and hygienic reasons, we advise you to use the product in the shortest possible time after opening.

No risk of residue

When immersed in synthetic urine, Actreen® does not present any visually detectable particles in suspension.(1)

No effect on sperm mobility

An in vitro comparative study performed by an independent expert demonstrated that Actreen® has negligible effects on sperm mobility and motility.(2)

Safe catheters

We ensure safe products by using PVC- or latex-free material. We work with no-touch concepts to prevent any catheter contamination. We have also implemented anti-reflux valves on the urine bags of the sets.

Low risk of urinary tract infection

Glycerin solutions create however a bacteriostatic medium, in which bacteria will not develop.(3)

Easy to open packaging

Our user friendly packaging is easy to open, meaning that Actreen® catheters can be used also by patients with limited dexterity.

Environmentally-friendly packaging

The catheters and sets do not have any additional outer packaging or plastic foil that gives a direct access to the catheter and a benefit for the environment regarding to less waste. The packaging of this new catheter generation is also recyclable and environmentally friendly. If the plastic material is incinerated, the polyethylene is broken down into water and carbon dioxide.


Silky eyelets for smooth insertion

Thanks to our new Actreen® technology, our product manufacturing process has been innovated in order to obtain smooth eyelets on our Actreen® catheters. This means: Non traumatic catheter eyes for smooth insertion.

Wide range of catheters and sets

  • Three catheter lengths: mini (9 cm), midi (16 cm), maxi (37 cm/ 41 cm)
  • Two different tips: Nelaton and Tiemann
  • A large choice of diameters: from CH06 to CH18 (from 2,0 mm to 6,0 mm)

Single urinary catheterization

Based on IC techniques, single catheterization may be used to empty the bladder or obtain a urine sample from a patient which may not suffer from urine retention.  It is generally a one-off catheterization performed by a nurse in a hospital. A new catheter is used for each catheterization.

Single catheterization is becoming the gold standard in European hospitals since it is the best way of preventing nosocomial (hospital-acquired) urinary tract infections. However, indwelling catheters are still used. The B. Braun solution to single catheterization is Actreen SafeSet®.


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(3) Glycerol dissimilation and its regulation in bacteria, Lin, Annual Review of Microbiology, 1976, and Principles of the thermal destruction of microorganisms, Plug, Holcomb & Gomez, Williams & Wilkins, 2000