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Efficient treatment and therapy systems 

Hemodialysis for patients with chronic kidney disease

Hemodialysis is an extracorporeal blood purification technique used for patients with chronic kidney disease who are not able to receive a kidney transplant.

sol-can canister in use

Improved canister 

Our canister for hemodialysis concentrate is designed to simplify dialysis processes.

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How dialysis is going green

Dialysis treatment is a life-preserving therapy. It uses a lot of water and energy. B. Braun is demonstrating how resources can be reduced with their green dialysis concept.

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Reliable products and efficiency-enhancing services

Customer specific support and maintenance management

Medical devices are an important part of every dialysis facility’s assets. It is important that these serve our common goal to achieve well-tolerable treatments with our trust-worthy devices.
B. Braun's highly qualified experts can help you by meeting the local country requirements with demand-oriented maintenance, individual service, and reliable spare parts supply.


Our services

B. Braun's comprehensive service range includes customer-specific support and maintenance management, which ensures continual technical support for medical equipment and its greatest possible degree of utilization. The needs-based services are variable and can be contracted in different packages to meet your facility’s specific needs. 



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