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Surgical site infections cause enormous suffering for the affected patient, and in addition put a huge burden on health care budgets 5. Recent literature shows that patients with SSI have an increased length of stay of up to nine days on average, and cost approximately 4,720 Euros more per patient than patients without SSI 6.

The following link will direct you to our “SSI Calculator”. Based on either individual hospital data or data from the literature, the calculator will show:

  • Current cost for SSI per year
  • Potential future cost for SSI following a particular B. Braun SSI concept per year
  • Potential monetary savings due to SSI avoided per year.

The calculations are based on the assumption that SSI patients have a prolonged length of stay that in turn increases cost per case, which may not be completely covered by reimbursement. The calculator assumes a certain cost per hospital bed day.

This calculator aims to give a first impression of possible monetary savings after process improvement. The actual financial impact will strongly depend on:

  • Correctness of hospital input data
  • Compliance and control of the new implemented process
  • Individual circumstances in the country and hospital.

The statistics on surgical site infections are well known (if sometimes difficult to compare), as are the necessary measures to drive the infection rate down to the lowest possible percentage. B. Braun and our practical SSI bundle pathway is there to support you every step of the way. We all know that all it takes is a collective focus and a willingness to make a few small changes to everyday surgical practice.