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We believe that a groundbreaking transformation in the field of surgical microscopes is overdue. Novel technologies can provide innovative solutions to current challenges in microscopy.

In the OR, a high level of precision is of utmost importance. A few millimeters can decide between life and death, health and disability, walking and paralysis, pain and well-being. Therefore, microsurgeons need an outstanding visualization of the surgical field in order to be able to perform their precise work at their best.

Current technology provides good visualization – but microsurgeons deserve to see more.

As a partner of surgeons all over the world, we are committed to developing technology that aims to revolutionize surgical microscopy. We believe that the future is digital and that our innovative approach can help to overcome current limitations particularly in terms of image quality and the possibility for teamwork and teaching. Due to our Digital Surgical Microscopy Platform, surgeons can now operate more smoothly with their heads up and the excellent view [1] they deserve.

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[1] According to feedback within the scope of a survey of 24 surgeons that used the Aesculap Aeos® clinically conducted by Aesculap.