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Many people suffer from neck and back pain as a consequence of their work, especially those who have physically demanding jobs. [1] Not surprisingly, the prevalence of neck and back pain is high among physicians, who often work in non-ergonomic postures. [2]

The work of neurosurgeons is associated with multiple ergonomic challenges, owing to manipulation of the surgical instruments, the maintenance of non-neutral body postures and difficulties visualizing the surgical field. [3] A survey among British consultant surgeons showed that 8 out of 10 neurosurgeons suffer from pain while operating. [4]

Have you ever considered how ridiculous it is that neurosurgeons, who treat back and neck pain amongst other conditions in their patients, have to suffer from back and neck pain themselves because of their non-ergonomic workplace?

One of the main reasons for the flawed ergonomics is the surgical microscope itself. The conventional optical microscope forces the users into quite unnatural and thus uncomfortable positions, simply because of the way it is designed. 

Dealing with lingering pain while trying to sustain concentration can be very distracting and stressful. Therefore, the finding that work-associated pain can affect the work performance of surgeons is not surprising. [5]

We imagine a future in the OR with fewer ergonomic issues. A future where the surgeon can adjust the equipment into a position that is comfortable for him. Where he can leave the operating room free of back and neck pain. Our new Digital Surgical Microscope Platform enables the surgeon to stand tall and relaxed, adopting an upright, comfortable posture, thus minimizing the physical strain that occurs at the operating table.


“The digital surgical microscope from Aesculap allows me and my team to operate more comfortable”.

Professor Jan Štulík, University Hospital Prague-Motol, Czech Republic

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