Bipolar Coagulation

Bipolar coagulation forceps and accessories

Neurosurgical bipolar forceps belong to the most important instruments in neurosurgery and are used for hemostasis in almost every operation. Coagulation is important during operations to control blood loss and to seal tissue. With minimal or no bleeding, surgeons have increased field visibility, allowing for greater ease of performing precise excisions. In addition, bipolar forceps can also be used for grasping and dissecting tissue like every standard forceps.
The non-stick forceps in combination with the Aesculap non-stick bipolar generator reduce the undesirable effect of sticking of tissue to the forceps tips during coagulation in Neurosurgery. [1-2]

Digital Applications

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[1] Non-stick forceps: The employed materials of the Rose Gold non-stick forceps allow for a high heat conductivity and a high electrical conductivity in comparison to standard stainless steel forceps. This combination enables a quicker heat dispersion over and away from the tips. The SINTRAM forceps reduce the adherence of coagulated tissue compared to standard coagulation forceps (function test in comparison to standard stainless steel forceps at porks neck).
[2] Non-stick bipolar generator: Customer experience report.