Intraventricular neuroendoscopy, transnasal endoscopy and transcranial endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery

Neuroendoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows illumination and inspection of angles in hidden parts of the surgical field, enabling clear visualization and manipulation of anatomical structures. There are three main subdisciplines of endoscopic neurosurgery: intraventricular neuroendoscopy for the treatment of occlusive hydrocephalus and other lesions within and around the ventricular system, transnasal neuroendoscopy including the different endoscopic endonasal approaches for pituitary and further skull base pathologies, as well as transcranial endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery for various kinds of intracranial tumors, cysts and neurovascular lesions.

With the MINOP®, MINOP® InVent and PaediScope® intraventricular neuroendoscopic systems, the MINOP® TREND transnasal endoscopic system and the MINOP® TEAM optics for endoscope-assisted microneurosurgery, Aesculap addresses all three subdisciplines. The Aesculap neuroendoscopy product lines have been developed with the aim of meeting the needs of minimally invasive surgery and supporting neurosurgeons in their mission to achieve the best outcome for adult and pediatric patients.

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