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Rehabilitation to go


BPMpathway is a digital rehabilitation system for personalized pre- and postoperative support of your patients.

Your benefits

  • Heightened patient engagement contributing to improved outcomes
  • Efficient prioritization of resources to patients needing support possible
  • Data collection potentially leading to improved rehabilitation protocols
  • Key differentiator in pre- and postoperative care

Your patient's benefits

  • Improved motivation through active involvement in pre- and rehabilitation process
  • Personalized pre-and postoperative support program with easy to understand instructions and videos
  • Reassuring ongoing communication with the clinician throughout the rehabilitation phase
  • Targets and exercises appropriate to each stage of recovery

Whose daily challenges are taken into consideration?

  • Patient
  • Surgeon
  • Physiotherapist
  • Hospital manager
BPMpathway rehabilitation exercise at home
BPMpathway individual pre-habilitation and recovery program
BPMpathway enables consistent communication between you and your patients

“This will close a gap in the follow-up of patients.”

Matti, Physician Assistant, Germany

“This would allow us to re-distribute the resource elsewhere to meet the targets.”

Paul, Surgical Manager, United Kingdom

“It‘s like having your physio in your own home.”

Kathleen, Physiotherapist, Australia

“BPMpathway motivates me to do my physiotherapy!”

Martin, Patient, Germany

“It monitors all the movement of my leg. The technology is absolutely fantastic.”

Nigel, Patient, United Kingdom

“It is beneficial for me, because I can see an improvement every day.”

Judy, Patient, Australia

BPMpathway and the BPMpro Swirly are EU-registered trademarks of 270 Vision Limited.