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Surgical Instruments & Sterile Container Systems


At Electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU) we offer a digital service to get reprocessing and instruction for use of Aesculap articles.

Aesculap sugical instruments reprocessing and instruction for use services

Operation theatre

Operation theatre

Provide a smooth sterile supply due to reduced risk of damaged packaging. Simple safe and quick in aseptic preparation.

Supply and storage

Supply and storage

Easy identification and overview at a glance supporting a standardized transport and organization.



Stackability of sterile containers with full use of sterilizer capacity.

Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance

Easy handling reduces potential mistakes. Maintenance free.

Washing and disinfection

Washing and disinfection

Supports standardized automated processes.



Protection of patients, personnel and environment due to closed instrument cycle.

New standards in sterile processing and operating room supply

A reliable and efficient supply of the OR is essential for creating daily and long-term success in hospital processes.

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Official publication of the German Society for Sterile Supply (DGSV e.V.)

  • English

    Guideline for the validation of packaging processes according to ISO 11607-2

    pdf, 6.3 MB

  • German

    Leitlinie für die Validierung der Verpackungsprozesse nach DIN EN ISO 11607-2

    pdf, 2.6 MB

  • French

    Recommandations pour la validation des procédés d’emballage selon EN ISO 11607-2

    pdf, 6.6 MB

  • Spanish

    Guía para la validación de los procesos de embalaje según ISO 11607-2

    pdf, 2.4 MB