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Help prevent and treat diabetic foot ulcers

Risk of diabetic foot syndrome

A diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) is a common complication of diabetes mellitus affecting every fourth patient with diabetes at some point in his life. The risk of developing DFS increases with time.

Skin integrity of the foot

Help to prevent the formation of diabetes foot ulcers

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Sucess story

Rescue from amputation

Do you know the story of Galo, the man whose foot amputation was avoided by a B. Braun sales rep?

Find out more about how wound management with Prontosan® and Askina® changed the situation.

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Treatment guide

Depending on the extent of the tissue damage, diabetic foot ulcers can be categorized into five grades, with every grade requiring its specific treatment.

Our product portfolio

Skin prevention and protection

Wound bed preparation and biofilm management

Wound infection and odor management

Exudate management

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