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Alternative to antibiotics in wound care

Infected wounds

In developed countries, it has been estimated that 1 to 2 percent of the population will experience a chronic wound during their lifetime. The burden of chronic wounds and wound treatment is rapidly growing. Wound infections can compromise the healing process and let wounds develop into chronic wounds, with a significant negative impact on health-related quality of life. Even worse, they bear the risk of amputation and lethal sepsis. Additionally, infected wounds provide a great burden to the health care system.

It is of mayor importance to find the best strategy to prevent, diagnose and manage wound infections.

More than


of chronic wounds are estimated to be infected.

Up to


of chronic wounds contain biofilm with a role in wound infection.

Chronic wounds

Prevention and treatment of wound infection

Manage infected wounds covering all stages of the wound infection continuum 

Early intervention strategies for wound infection management

A thorough wound assessment is essential for preventing and treating wound infections and all types of complications that can accompany them. During our B. Braun symposium, we focused on the importance of recognizing the signs of a developing wound infection and how to assess them using the Wound Infection Continuum.

Clinical evidence and interviews

Liezl Naude: The use of Prontosan® in combination with Askina® Calgitrol®

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Kim Wilde: Practical perspective on wound infection

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Louisa Way: Manage and prevent wound infections during Covid-19

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Antimicrobial resistance - a global health risk

Over- and misuse of antibiotics in medicine are known to have mainly contributed to the problem. As a result, AMR emerges as an progressive risk for global public health and has been appraised as the highest health endangerment in the 21st century.

Success story

Rescue from amputation

Do you know the story of Galo, the man whose foot amputation was avoided by a B. Braun sales rep?

Find out more about how wound management with Prontosan® and Askina® changed the situation.

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