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Market and customer requirements are constantly changing. Those who want to hold their own must continuously learn and adapt. The B. Braun Accelerator’s objective is to connect people, share knowledge and experience, and learn together. As an internationally positioned company, we offer startups support and collaboration opportunities in product development, market access, or B. Braun as a new customer.

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Our Offer

The B. Braun Accelerator supports startups, entrepreneurs, and B. Braun employees in turning ideas into successful innovations more quickly or implementing sustainable solutions.

  • Tailored to individual needs 
  • Support at different stages
  • Establishment of sustainable business relationships and cooperations

Early-stage startups with an existing MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or young companies with a product or solution on the market can apply here

Quotes from our Alumni Startups

“Through the collaboration in the B. Braun Accelerator, we had the opportunity to carry out our first projects in the field of medical technology. We found great supporters in the Group and finally we were able to win over B. Braun as our customer. Of course, we were particularly pleased to be able to carry out our first pilot project in Southeast Asia together with B. Braun – for us as a young company, this was a big step.”

- Dr.-Ing. René Grzeszick, Co-Founder & CTO – MotionMiners


“The biggest benefit in working with B. Braun is the feedback from an established and successful company and the valuable contacts that come from such a program. We also benefited greatly from various coaching sessions, workshops, and the bootcamps. B. Braun has become a valuable partner for us. During the Accelerator, we were able to lay the foundation for collaboration within the framework of the BMVI-funded research project ‘UAS Invent’, which is supported by the federal government with funding of 1.9 million euros and in which B. Braun is an associated partner.”

 – Benjamin Federmann, Co-Founder – doks.innovation


“Building a common project with B. Braun logistics team has been a great opportunity to work with an international leading company in the medical and pharmaceutical area. Thanks to this experience, we have been able to work closely with the supply chain and logistics teams members and to align on a common project aiming at creating value for B. Braun. Benefiting from B. Braun teams feedback and expertise is very valuable for Wakeo to understand precisely all the specific challenges faced in this industry. Through the partnership, we had the chance to think together on a long-term project and common goals to achieve in order to build a data-driven supply chain. The Wakeo team is pleased to go on with this great partnership and to extend the collaboration to a wider scope.”

- Julien Cote, Co-Founder & CTO – Wakeo


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Let's drive innovation forward together

Alexander Katzung
Vice President Acceleration & Innovation